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Jun 24 - 28    

8:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Each year we invite kids from our church, our neighbourhood and local schools to join us for a week of Holiday Bible Club.

The event is run by our Children’s and Youth ministry, with many of our young people giving up a large part of their school holiday to serve as leaders.

Holiday Bible Club, or HBC, presents a different theme each year with the aim of connecting kids and young people with Jesus.

The week usually includes games, snacks, crafts, skits, big and small group times, and, of course, Bible lessons.

Many of our children return year after year and some look forward to taking their turn to be a leader.
Our hope is always that as we present the Gospel in creative and child friendly ways they will get to discover God for themselves and grow in their understanding and faith in Christ.

This year’s theme “Ambassadors of ” will explore what it means to be an ambassador, and who qualifies.

Open to all kids from grade R through to grade 6, it promises to be a worthwhile and fun filled week.

A small tuck shop is available for those who wish to buy chips and small chocolates.

Biscuits and cool drink are given out daily, and children are welcome to bring their own snacks.



Please phone us if you have any questions.

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