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About us

Here at Westway Community Church, we believe that Jesus gave His own life for us so that today we live a Gospel Centred, Christ Focused, Mission Determined lifestyle that points others lovingly to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.  

What does it mean to be "Gospel Cented", "Christ Focused", "Mission Determined"

Gospel Centred

The Gospel is central to how we do life...

“The ‘Gospel’ does not simply mean that you issue something along the lines of an altar call every time you preach. It is not, as some have said, simply the entry point into the Christian life; it’s not the launching pad only. It is the foundation, it is the force — the living, acting, energetic force of truth through the Spirit that really gives shape to everything we say, everything we do, how we worship, and why we live out our lives in the local church in the way that God has called us to.”

Christ Focused

Jesus Christ gives us our identity for life...

What does it mean to be "Christ Focused'? One thing is certain: it is not a life that is governed by dead, restrictive "religious" rules. Instead, it's a lifestyle where we realise that we are living under the "bright shadow" of the presence of the Son of God, Christ. - where we speak and act and relate to others in the awareness that Jesus Himself is an intimately concerned participant in everything we do and speak. 


Being Mission Determined gives us our purpose for life...

 Being "mission determined" means we take action, make sacrifices, and overcome obstacles in order to respond to Christ's commission in Matthew 28. In other words, for us being "Mission Determined" means we have a strong sense of purpose and a steadfast determination to see Matthew 28 lived out in our daily lives. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a family of believers who are transformed by the love of Jesus Christ, equipped to live a Gospel Centred, Christ Focused, Mision Determined lifestyle that will make a positive impact in our world. We seek to create an environment where people from all walks of life can come together to worship, learn and grow in their faith, and where everyone feels welcomed and a valued member of our family. 

Our Core Values

Under the Lordship of Christ, our values are:

Gospel Centred Leadership

Gospel Centred Discipleship

Gospel Centred Evangelism

Gospel Centred Family

Gospel Centred Ministry

Our Leadership Structure

We have a team of Elders and Deacons that lead here at Westway Community Church. It is important to know that the Elders are not a higher structure of leadership than the Diaconate or visa vera. Rather each has an important role to play. The Elders are tasked with overseeing the Spiritual well-being of our church family while the Deacons oversees the practical day-to-day operations of the church and organises various ministries and events.    

Life Group Leaders

At Westway Community Church our commitment to becoming a family that is Gospel Centred, Christ Focused, Mission determined Church is effectively demonstrated and lived out in a small group. This is why we put a great deal of emphasis on Life Groups. 

This is a place where you can do life with a group of like-minded people and learn and grow in your faith.  

Our Network

We are a member of 

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