Lighting Ministry

Lighting Ministry

Lighting Ministry

About Us

The lighting team is new. We have just installed four moving head LED lights. We are looking for people to train, ideally a hybrid of techies and artists. Lighting includes a lot of aspects: electrical work, pulling cables, hanging lights, choosing colors, designing cues, programming & running lighting consoles. No experience needed – we’ll train anyone willing to learn!

What Happens

We need design and run lighting for various events, including holidays, occasional theatre productions, conferences, and concerts (from classical to rock). Lighting can transform a space completely, and is critical to the success and ‘look & feel’ of many of these events. We will also maintain and update the look for Sunday services.

How We Work

Sitting at the desk running the lighting console/computer during events will actually be a very small part of what we hope to do. The bulk of it will be spent designing the lighting setups, either during rehearsals or when the building is dark (or empty). But, there’s nothing like the thrill of taking the house to black and hitting that first cue for an event or celebration service – we hope because we haven’t done it yet!

When We Work

We actually won’t work that often, but may spend long hours for specific events a few times a year. We will also spend time building or maintaining the lighting system & equipment, usually during weekday evenings or weekend afternoons.

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