AV Ministry

AV Ministry

WP_20170209_20_32_54_Rich (1280x720)Purpose:

To provide maximum intelligibility, superior audio quality and quality video images and effects so that all in attendance may be able to clearly hear, see and fully participate in the worship services without distraction.

The Audio / Visual Ministry works alongside the worship team to produce, mix project and record the best quality video and sound possible, to the glory of God. Members of Westway’s AV Ministry assist in praising the Lord by running the sound, light, and projection systems during the Sunday Services. Members are provided training on the various aspects of the ministry, and are scheduled
throughout the year to assist in services and special events.

The Calling Of A Sound Engineer

Realise that you are the final link between whoever is ministering, whether in word or in song, and the people God wants to reach. You are the channel through which the Holy Spirit will move to touch people’s hearts. If the Holy Spirit is to move through the message or through the worship, your role is critical in supplying the “atmosphere” that is most conducive to His working.
Understand that when you “do sound” you are impacting the spiritual realm just as much as the physical. If you are not “prayed up” and “in tune” with the Holy Spirit and whoever is ministering, you will be an obstacle to God’s anointing. You are not just a sound engineer, you are an “atmosphere controller” whose role is to help facilitate the manifest presence of God. He doesn’t need you, for Him to work at a specific time and place. He does however give you the honour and privilege of being responsible for the sonic “purity” of His presence. Remember, God created music, technology, instruments and sound for His glory. It is our job to be always looking for the opportunity to turn the ordinary into a masterpiece.

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