Our Jerusalem

Our Jerusalem

St Albans and Malabar

I first visited St. Albans primary school out in the Greenbushes area towards the end of 2010. Many disadvantaged children from Children’s Church were enrolled at the school, and it was felt that to build a connection with the school may be one way we could encourage the kids to attend school more regularly. The same year I started helping out at Kuyga Primary school once a week by preparing and presenting the SCO class on a Wednesday afternoon.

Kugya and St Albans 2

Initially it was myself and our then student pastor William Blauuw and GAP student Sean Afrika. Both William and Sean have moved to other areas of ministry, but we remain involed to some degree in both schools. Currently we try and present a Bible story, prayer and song at St. Albans twice a month. There is no school hall, and as this time takes place outside it is sometimes dependent on the weather.

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We have come a far way in our ministry to the children of the former Parsonsvlei Township now relocated to Malabar. Every Friday afternoon a team of willing helpers give them a meal and continue to have a program with them. During this time, we try and do something creative, and share a story from the Bible. One of their favourite pass times is to colour in, so they each have their own book that they are working through.

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Unfortunately they do sometimes get to church late when they’ve come from school, which does shorten the time we have with them. During the last 2 years we’ve been discouraged at times to see some of them drop out of school, especially when they become teenagers. Sue Collins has been wonderful in touching base with them at St Albans School when she goes there on a Friday. Every Wednesday a group of people go out to Malabar with some warm soup and a heart to minister to this community!

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Every Thursday the ladies gather at our church for a much needed break by doing some crafts and more importantly, discipleship classes. We are beginning to see real transformation taking place in their lives. We also provide them with a meal due to them often not knowing what they will be eating for supper, if anything at all.

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The children also come to church on a Sunday morning for a meal, and some are now regulars at Children’s Church. We praise Jesus for the opportunity we have to make a difference in the lives of these children and pray that one day we will look back and be amazed by what God has done. We long for rock solid foundations in Christ.

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