Our Resident Missionaries

Our Resident Missionaries

Adkins Family

ZEMA’s ‘Mission Statement’ is ‘To know God, and to make Him known among the amaZioni’, or the Zion people of Southern Africa. The amaZioni are a very religious but deeply syncretistic people, spread throughout Southern Africa, numbering many millions. Because of it’s unique historic link with the city of Zion in Illinois USA where this movement started, ZEMA has a unique and incredible open door for ministry among the amaZioni.

We (Adkins family) are called by God, through the power of His Spirit, to make sure the amaZioni people of Southern Africa become soundly Biblical in their beliefs and practices. Our main focus is discipleship through, Bible training, building relationships and fellowship with the local amaZinoni in the PE region.
Vissit our website at www.ZEMA.org

Adkins Family

Jolley Family

Alastair and Carmie Jolley are involved in cross-cultural Evangelism and Discipleship, informing Churches, Recruiting co-workers, Training Christians and developing resources to support rural Churches.

Otigo Family

Sam is the regional director at Scripture Union (SU) Algoa. SU works with the young people of our city, connecting them to Christ. His major role is team leadership and vision casting. Training is something Sam is also passionate about. Sam is married to Rosie Otigo and has 3 beautiful children. SU has many wonderful opportunities to make a difference in our Metro – especially in our schools!


Jemma Coetzee

One of our young ladies, Jemma Coetzee, recently left to begin her Missions training with Operation Mobilization in Pretoria. God willing, she will be joining the Logos Hope in 2016 here in South Africa!


One of the points of departure for the way forward was to establish an education/growth platform and opportunity to allow for the development of potential missionaries. The period started with the consolidation of the Go Group concept, where individuals who indicated an interest in missions could gather with like-minded members, and have regular meetings with members of the Mission Board as well as with visiting missionaries.

The Church has also acquired relevant books into the library with the specific intention of mentoring and developing the mind-set and understanding of the challenges in the field of missions. As we went forward with this program, the group felt that the name could be energized by renaming it “Fireplace”, symbolizing a place of warmth and intimacy, the “lighting of a fire” and the Holy Spirit. It is our intention to continue with quarterly gatherings.

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