Our Vision - Gospel Focussed - Christ Centred

Westway Bethel is privileged to minister to a multigenerational, multicultural population across a broad community within Port Elizabeth. 

Our heart – as we align with God’s heart - is that none of these people are lost to Him

We want Westway Bethel to be a multicultural, intergenerational body of believers who reach out to those who don’t know Jesus, helping them connect to Him and to each other and equipping them to live out His plan for their lives

We will not direct all our focus inward rather we will relentlessly encourage all our cells to focus on both evangelism and discipleship

Our church must not be a building, but a living organism of cells, small groups of Christ followers dedicated to building genuine relationships with people.

We must go where the people are, find areas of shared interest, invest into their lives and teach them about Jesus.

We will be a church which reaches 500 lives for Jesus in the next 5 years and this will never happen if Westway Bethel is happy to remain just another church building in Kabega.

7 Woltemade St.
Kabega Park
Port Elizabeth
Tel: 041 360 1684
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